10 bonnes pratiques

Voici quelques interviews de citoyens Smergy (comme vous !) qui ont leur petite idée pour utiliser de manière consciencieuse l’énergie et tout ce qui s’y rapporte en toute cohérence.

N’hésitez pas à en savoir plus avec les liens intégrés dans chaque article. 

Aurélie (Belgium, 22 years, student)

I still live with my parents. Energy savings is very important for us. One of the first action we did is to put double glazing and to install switchable multisockets.

During the winter period, the heat goes only wherever we spent the most time.

The heating is turned off at bedtime to save money and to pass a goodnight.

Recently, a corner was fitted for composting and we collect rainwater for the garden.

We eat vegetarian at least once weekly and to avoid food waste, we try to reuse the rest as much as possible.

To improve our environmental impact and energy consumption, we use lunchboxes, reusable water bottle, recycled paper,

If every do well those little practices in their daily life, it’ll we be easier to make more energy savings for the beneficit of the climat and human being. 

Sarah (Belgium, 24 years, student)

I live in flatsharing with three other people. 

I am very involved for the environment since my childhood. We were educated at the house to pay attention to the small act which becomes great actions with the time. In our flat, the system “all inclusive” doesn’t help to aware the occupants; but it is an occasion for that! 

The pleasure is important when one challenges the others on their practices. 
Good, sometimes I must still switch off the lights after my flatmates!  

Time to time I place post-It that remind sustainable practices which I consider essential for oneself, others and the planet.

Olivier (Belgium, 29 years, socio-cultural animator)

I live in a housing of 1930 that I share with seven people! We do not have a car. We go on holiday in the area and we avoid flying.

We leave on holiday in the area and we avoid taking the plane.

We light the heating only in the evening during the meal and before sleeping. The whole house is enlightened with LED bulb. The warm water boiler is switched on only one hour the morning and an hour and half the evening.

We have a cooker which runs on wood for the preparation of the meals.

We have no television but well a vegetables garden. In short, we try hardly to decrease our ecological footprint as much as possible.

Sabina (Belgium, 28 years, communication officer)

I live alone in a studio at 5th and on the top floor. 

I heat only the evening and during the winter time.  I have few lighting and little invoice energy. 
I programmed my computer into sleep mode; I wash my hands with cold water and I do not use  a microwaves oven for health reasons! 
Those little actions fit with my philosophy of life: to live well for oneself while respecting the others and the planet.

Bertrand (Belgium, 27 years, transition facilitator)

Practicing ecopedagogy and permaculture approach, I’m aware about ecology. Day after day, I use to adopt news habits to reduce my environmental footprint. I believe in the contribution of the composting technology to save energy (less transport of the waste, less cost for the waste processing…).

Aware about the environmental impact of clothing industry, I decided that I’ll stop buying clothes. It’s done now and that’s make me proud.

Mainly, I move by using public transport and if necessary, I always rent public bike sharing or car sharing. I avoid travelling by plane for short distances.

With my girlfriend, we purchase our bio food basket online and sometimes we take a talk at through the local market with our backpack to avoid packaging. When it’s possible, we retrieve the plastic bag.  When we purchase at supermarket, we refuse to pay for package products.

When we leave the apartment and before going to sleep, all multisockets and lights are switched off.

We are involved in a renewable energy’s cooperative of citizens in with we are shareholders.

The thermostat is adjusted at 19°C and never goes up to 20 °C.

Manu (Belgium, 29 years, NGO officer)

I built my house in straw with timber framed wood in a “grouped house”. 

I can say that I have reached the passive performance but not officially because of administrative procedure. 
With my wife, we are very happy in our new house.

Nothing to compare with my old apartment which was so wet that the laundry never dried!

Here, we use wood for heating and we placed thermal and photovoltaic solar panels.

The house is well oriented and became quickly warm because the sunshine is optimal.

The kitchen and is oriented in north. We use a dry toilet to decrease our consumption of water and reduce the consumption of warm water as long as possible. 

Now, we decided to keep up hens for the quality of eggs but also to limit our ecological footprint.

Lionel (Belgium, + 30 years, IT officer)

I am in couple with 2 children (4 and 2 years).

I live a house consisted of 4 frontages, isolated well but not according to the passive standards.
I installed photovoltaic solar panels which meet all the electric needs for the house.

In the winter, the windows installed of on the north side are closed to avoid the cold and to retain the heat; those which are located at the south remain opened to let enter the natural light and heat the rooms of the house.

The timer of the boiler is switched off when we leave for more than 2 days. 

Good, let us not forget also that my wife tends to prefer to buy energy saving equipment, such as the fridge A+++, the washing machine.
Gradually, we replace all the lighting of the house with lamps LED.

Pascal (Belgium, +30 years, NGO coordinator, on the left of the picture)

I am in couple and we live in a house consisted of 3 facades. 

We installed double glazing everywhere as well as thermal and photovoltaic solar panels gauged on our real needs.
In general, we pay lot of attention to act “eco” but I noticed that my son who is still in study is more “extremist” than us.

Recently, we decided to use lunchbox to replace the aluminum foil we used to wrap the meals.

I recognize that the production of aluminum uses energy enormously! If all the Belgians put their efforts in this issue together, the energy consumption at the industrial level will decrease…

Nancy (Belgium, +30 years, project manager, center of the picture)

I have three children and we live in a house consisted of 2 frontages. 

We placed double glazing everywhere except in a room; thermal solar panels and a condensing boiler. 

The thermostat is switch on only the morning and the evening. We do not use the heating in the rooms; it is healthier to spend a good night. 
We also installed a cistern to collect rainwater. The cistern is connected to the toilets of the entire house. 
We have placed bulbs LED and compact fluo light bulbs according to the needs of each part of the house. 
We try to live as much as possible with the natural and sustainably.

Luc (Belgium, +30 years, task officer, on the right of the picture)

I live in couple in an apartment in Brussels. I heat only the parts where I am. 
I installed everywhere power strips for the entire electrical appliance.

I use no more single use batteries. 

I always move in public transport and I use carsharing service if necessary. I am vegetarian and I am subscribed to the supplier/provider Lampiris whose energy sources come especially from a mix energetic of renewable energy.